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locksmithIf you searched for a “locksmith near me” or “where’s the nearest locksmith” we have you covered anywhere in Brisbane? You see we are a mobile locksmith service provider in Brisbane and we can literally “near you” wherever you are as we  cover both residential and commercial clients all over Brisbane. At ATLG Locksmith Brisbane, we provide state-of-the-art locksmith services to a client base that include large and small companies and individuals keen on securing their properties and assets.

We continue serving our clients with innovative security solutions in to the future. We understand security is very important and sensitive hence our locksmith services are based on trust and dependability. Our team of experts specializes in all types of locking systems both individual and commercial.

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Emergency Locksmith Near Me

We have a team ready to respond to your emergency – 24/7 wherever you are in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.  Whether you have locked yourself out of your house, car or commercial premises we have a team member available to get to you as soon as possible.  We understand the stress you must feel when you are stranded and will be there to help you.

Car Locksmith Near Me

We specialise in all security needs for your automobile.  We can provide replacement keys for all older cars.  We have the full range of transponder keys for all makes and models of modern cars.  ATLG Locksmith Brisbane can also set up a remote security system for older cars built before these systems were standard.

General Locksmith Services

Listed below are some of the locksmith services that we offer to our clients in Brisbane.


Personal item security is very critical and ensuring these are securely locked up is our top priority. Whenever your office or home security systems fail, your Safe should never be compromised. Our solutions guarantee total security and durability against any attack. We offer the best Safe solutions in the market for your office or home irrespective of the environment. Our range of Safes come in all sizes to suit individuals as well as business security needs and we also have Safes that will fit within your budget. We understand your security concerns which is the reason why you should invest in the best security system in market.

Key Cutting

Rows of painted sample keys hanging on locksmith's rackWe use the latest high tech key cutting systems on the highest quality metal to ensure precision and key durability. Our state-of-the-art key cutting technology enables our clients to own duplicate keys to in their homes, office or autos in-case of emergency lock outs. Those who have accidentally locked themselves out of their homes, cars or office know how traumatizing and time consuming the experience is. For increased trust and confidentiality, we securely guard our clientele’s secruity information in our automated software and we do not share the information with third parties.

Sometimes having a new key cut can be a very sensitive situation and you need a Weservice provider who you can trust and who does not compromise on integrity in these situations. ATLG Locksmith Brisbane often need to replace keys in sensitive situations, you can be assured of our discretion.

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High Security Locks

Our high security lock systems gives our clients peace of mind due to their unique ability to keep any form of intrusion at bay. These cover all your locking needs and help in securing your home, office, garage or auto. They come with high security capabilities; they are stable and available for any door or window type.

Burglary cases are on the rise hence the need for sophisticated locking systems like the deadbolt locks which are highly effective when used in commercial or residential premises. With the growth of technology, we help our clients by taking their security to the next level. We offer password controlled panel locking security systems, finger print scan enabled systems and key card readers to deter any unauthorized intrusions. All these features are meant to secure you, your business and assets from intruders and burglars who have also embraced technology to beat current security systems.

Residential Locksmith Services

We have a dedicated homeowner locksmith service that helps clients secure their homes, garages and gates. In addition, we install, service, repair and maintain residential door and window locks. Our highly motivated and experienced team of experts specializes in in both analogue and digital locking systems. You do not have to worry about residential key cutting for both new and old locks; our experts will be able to do the re-keying for all systems however complicated they might appear.

Commercial Locksmiths

In addition to residential locksmith service provision in Brisbane, we also take care of all your commercial locking systems. To this end, we understand our clients demand the best and that is why we design, install and maintain unique restricted key locking systems that are controlled from a central location using a control panel. These help in controlled access whilst deterring unauthorized personnel in to your premises.

Locksmith Prices

Unlike other locksmith service providers, our pricing structure is based on high quality workmanship and service based on our years of experience and client satisfaction. With many years of experience in the business, we understand our customer needs and expectations. Our service pricing is customized to address each individual need without compromising on commercial or residential security.

If you require and expert locksmith service in the Brisbane area, ATLG Locksmith Brisbane are ready and you can talk to us and we will be happy to offer the best advice and service for your needs. Please call us or click here to request a quote and we will be able to offer you the right solution to meet your security demands.


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